McNally & Bellino, LLC undertook representation of Amy and Roy Hawks who lost their home due to an oil spill in an action commenced in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Gloucester County, captioned Amy and Roy Hawks v. Petroleum Heat & Power, Inc, Custard Insurance Adjusters, Inc., Docket No. C-65-19.  McNally & Bellino asserted on behalf of the Hawks that the defendant Petroleum Heat & Power, Inc’s (“Petro”) was negligent in bringing about the oil spill destroying their home and that Petro and Custard insurance Adjusters, Inc (“Custard”) caused the Hawks to suffer emotional distress as a result.  The parties thereafter agreed to proceed by arbitration, selecting Retired Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman as Arbitrator.  On May 26, 2022, Judge Berman entered an award in favor of the Hawks in the amount of $425,000.00, concluding that Petro was negligent in its actions relating to the spill and further determining that Petro and Custard negligently inflicted emotional distress upon the Hawks.

If you have been the victim of an oil spill or suffered other catastrophic property loss and/or destruction or damage to your home, the attorneys at McNally & Bellino stand ready and willing to assist you.

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