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A Buyer’s and Board Member’s Guide to Jersey Shore Hotel/Condo Conversions

It has become increasingly common for Hotels and Motels along the Jersey Shore to undergo the process of converting to condominiums.  Such conversions offer prospective buyers a reasonably priced alternative to a multi-million-dollar single family/duplex style vacation homes.  Conversions also offer a means of addressing aging Hotels/Motels, which would otherwise become eye-sores and turn off […]

Employment Law Alert: Pay Transparency Bill Advances Through New Jersey Assembly Committee

By: Cailin Bernazzoli, Law Clerk and JD Candidate Change may soon be on the horizon for New Jersey Employers.  On May 12, 2022, Assemblymembers Moriarty, Danielsen and Sumter introduced Assembly Bill 3937, which proposes important changes for pay transparency and the way in which employers announce external job postings (“AB3937”).  On December 11, 2023, AB3937 was […]

Appellate Division Rules Portion of Tax Sale Law Unconstitutional

By Stephen McNally, Esquire and Paige M. Bellino, Esquire The Appellate Division, in 257-261 20th Avenue Realty, LLC v. Alessandro Roberto (“257-261, LLC”), has concluded that a portion of the New Jersey Tax Sale Law is unconstitutional to the extent that it does not provide for return of a homeowner’s equity in real estate after […]

Appellate Division Tackles LAD Claims in Two Separate Decisions

By: Cailin Bernazoli, JD Candidate, with assistance of Stephen McNally, Esquire and Paige M. Bellino, Esquire Recently, two unpublished Appellate Division decisions, Beneduci v. Graham Curtin, P.A and Guzman v. M. Teixeira Int’l Inc., addressed the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) that may impact both New Jersey employers and employees.  The Beneduci Decision addressed […]

M&B Law Welcomes 2023 Summer Law Clerks

M&B Law is excited to welcome Widener University Delaware Law School students, Alanna Larson and Cailin Bernazzoli, to the firm as our Summer 2023 law clerks.  They will be involved in all facets of our practice.  For a brief introduction: Alanna Larson is a rising 3L at Widener University Delaware Law School. Ms. Larson is […]

Appellate Division Offers Insight to Recent Change to Tax Sale Law

In an Article Published in the New Jersey Law Journal, Paige M. Bellino and Stephen McNally expressed their position that a recent change to the Tax Sale Law, N.J.S.A. 54:5-89.1, was detrimental to the interest of property owners who are subject to a tax foreclosure.[1] Specifically, the change in the Statute required prospective purchasers of such […]

Is Your Homeowner’s or Condominium Association Giving You a Headache? Let M&B Law Help You Find the Right Remedy

Recently our firm McNally & Bellino, LLC has been inundated with calls from frustrated homeowners involved in disputes with homeowners’ associations and condominium boards.  In some instances, it may be individual board directors who are creating headaches for homeowners.  The complaints range from disagreements over outdoor furniture to aluminum siding.  Usually, the homeowner claims the […]

Is the Short Cut to Tax Foreclosure Being Abused-When is a Property Really Abandoned?

By: Stephen McNally, Esquire and Paige M. Bellino, The time period for commencing a tax foreclosure action is governed by N.J.S.A. 54:5-86(a).  Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:5-86(a), a private tax sale certificate holder is obligated to wait two (2) years from the sale date of a tax sale certificate to seek foreclosure unless it can establish […]

Change in the Law Offers More Challenges for Redemption of Tax Sale Certificates

By Stephen McNally, Esq. & Paige M. Bellino, Esq. Our article entitled “Simon v. Cronecker-Alive and Well” (the “Simon Article”) was recently published in the Summer 2021 Edition of the New Jersey Land Title Association’s Newsletter, The  Advocate. The Simon Article offered our perspective on a troubling trend involving title agents who redeem tax sale […]

To Include or Not to Include, That is the Question: New Jersey’s Evolving Interpretation of the Attorney Review Clause Mandate in Real Estate Contracts

By: Paige M. Bellino, Esquire A recent Appellate Division case discussed the convoluted and little understood requirement for attorney review in residential real estate contracts, which requirement stems from the mandate issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court in N.J. State Bar Ass’n v. N.J. Ass’n of Realtor Boards, 93 N.J. 470 (1983) and later […]