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Attorney Paige M. Bellino is spotlighted on NEXUS Board of Realtor’s NEXUS Newsletter

Attorney Paige M. Bellino has been practicing law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for more than a decade, focusing her practice on all aspects of real estate law, including helping clients bring their dreams of homeownership to life.  She has recently opened her own firm with Attorney Stephen McNally: McNally & Bellino, LLC (“M&B”). Based […]

To Include or Not to Include, That is the Question: New Jersey’s Evolving Interpretation of the Attorney Review Clause Mandate in Real Estate Contracts

By: Paige M. Bellino, Esquire A recent Appellate Division case discussed the convoluted and little understood requirement for attorney review in residential real estate contracts, which requirement stems from the mandate issued by the New Jersey Supreme Court in N.J. State Bar Ass’n v. N.J. Ass’n of Realtor Boards, 93 N.J. 470 (1983) and later […]